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    Nearly 2 years ago I started my YouTube channel. This is also the same time I handed my life over to God. I was at an all time low and I tried everything to turn it around except read the Bible and start going back to church. Doing these 2 acts was revolutionary in my life. I credit every blessing to God almighty. Ever since I learned to let go and say “Clearly my way sucks, take it from here God” my life has turned around. Jesus Christ taught me to be shameless. Reading his journey of putting himself out there while teaching others shamelessly and sacrificing himself for our freedom is the greatest love story of all time. I do not take for granted this life of mine. I know I will die. But before I do I want to be awake and live this of love. Thank you God for sacrificing Jesus for our sakes. Be not afraid. #beshameless


  2. "[Your sister’s name] [Your brother’s name] [Your cousin’s name] [Your sister’s name] [Your name]"
    — African American Parents trying to get a child’s attention. African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition (via blackproverbs)

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    This is what the Gerber baby looks like today.

    Still not eating solid foods.

    ^^^^^ lmfao bruh tumblr aint shit…

    oh my god lol 

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    My mom sat down in the grass and she took of her beautiful expensive coat. She saw one of her friends and went to say hi. When she came back her coat was gone and she was crying. 

    My mom was searching for her coat, while it was raining.

    My dad (who had a huge crush on her) saw her and ran up to the closest shop and bought her this jacket, he said to her: ” I know this isn’t your beautiful coat, but I couldn’t afford any other and I don’t want you to get cold “. 

    My mom kissed him, in the rain and that same year they married on New Year’s Eve.

    And now, 35 years later my mom gave the jacket to me and said: ” losing something good can only give you something better instead and baby, losing that damn coat was the best thing that ever happened to me ”

    I love this

    Love this


    cutest story

    rebloging for the story 

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    True love never gets old!

    I am Rita

    the fairy

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    you never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you like to do for fun.

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    we did it

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    Classes are canceled!!

    And you look damn perfect!!

    Snow in the hair and still flawless

    This picture is perfect.

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    Lupita Nyong’o and Angela Bassett 

    Love them so much 

    Black Excellence.

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    It’s important that people see this

    I dont even know who this is, but the media pulls shit like this often and it should be publicized.

    mark duggan was the young man shot to death by the met police here in london, and whose murder, now ruled controversially as ‘legal’, sparked the summer riots a few years back.

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